As promised are photos of Marbury in the 1950s. We lived (the Frank family), 5 West Park Marbury from 1955 to 1964, prior to 1955 we lived at 184 East Park Marbury having moved from Warburton Cheshire in March 1953. Hope you find these of interest? Regards, Peter Frank

1.Marbury Cubs at a camp. Back row middle was Tom Holland Scout Master and to his left is Brian Witney who at that time was cub master (Akela). In the middle row of the cubs 4th from left is Ian Dewsbury but I always knew him as Tim he lived in the Avenue Comberbach, I am to his left.
2. Marbury Sports Day on East Park, one can just see what we euphemistically called bungalows in the back-ground.
3.The person holding the bicycles in West Park Marbury is Anthony Pickering who at that time lived in Anderton.
4. Marbury House Swimming Pool.
5. Marbury Scouts - 1st Class Awards

Marbury Cubs mid 1950's at camp near Dyseth N.Wales
Marbury Sports Day East Park 1953
West Park Marbury Anthony Pickering who lived in Anderton
Outdoor Swimming Pool Still in use today
Marbury Park 1st Class Scouts Award

Dear Kevin
Thank you ever so much for emailing me back and passing on my details. The more I find out about Marbury the more amazing it seems. I was born in the middle of the 1980s so only know the park as it is today. I find the more images that seem to come to light the more fantastic life looked living there. If any other images crop up please could you let me know and I will also do the same. Thanks ever so much. Kind Regards, Nathan Rathbone

Dear Kevin

Thank you for this I have let Nathan know that Bert Trautmann the famous Manchester City goalkeeper of the 1950s & 60s was held at Marbury p.o.w. camp for a while. Regards, Peter Frank