The Comberbach Flood of 1959

Kevin, I have just been looking through one of my old photo albums and came across a few photos which I took back in 1959 on an old Agfa 120 roll film camera. So what I did was to take photos of them using my digital camera and then used my software to improve them the best I could. I would imagine that there are not many photos in existence of this event, so I thought that you might be interested in including them in the Website.

Ian Iosson Feb 2010

Victory Ag

Hi there! Would just like to thank Ian Iosson for the absolutely fantastic pics of the floods in Comberbach. You have done an amazing job with them and I have really enjoyed looking at them and remembering some good old days!! I was 14 at the time and remember it well, trouble is the school bus still ran...gutted we were. Ian if you have any more of Comberbach in days gone by please put them on here, they are very much appreciated by me, and I bet also by a lot of other old Comberbachonians.  P.S - Does anyone have a picture of Lily Millingtons old wooden shop? Would love to see that again, what a lovely lady she was. 

Celia Hubball June 2011