Please be advised that the Annual Parish Meeting for 2016/2017 is Wednesday 17 May, 6.30pm Memorial Hall. Normally Parish Council Meetings are held on a Tuesday evening so please note the change.  This is an opportunity to hear reports from council, and raise any issues.  The Annual Parish Meeting is followed by the Parish Council AGM which appoints councillor roles and responsibilities for the coming financial year, 2017/2018.  Please find below the Agenda for both meetings:


The Annual Parish Meeting will be held on
Wednesday 17 May 2017 at 6.30pm
at the Comberbach Memorial Hall
1. Present
To receive apologies for absence.
2. Previous Minutes
To approve the minutes of the previous meeting on 17 May 2016.
3. Chairman’s Report
To receive a report from the Parish Council Chairman on activities of the past year.
4. Parish Council Annual Accounts
To receive a report on the Parish Council finances
5. Other concerns
To discuss any issues raised by parishioners.

Denise French, Parish Clerk
on behalf of the Chairman Kevin Goulding
9 May 2017

7:15 pm at Comberbach Memorial Hall.
1. Appointment of Chairman
To appoint a Chairman for the ensuing year.
2. Apologies for Absence
To receive apologies for unavoidable absence.
3. Appointment of Vice Chairman
To appoint a Vice Chairman for the ensuing year.
4. To receive Members’ Declarations of Interest.
5. To approve the minutes of the ordinary meeting of the Parish Council held on 4th April 2017.
6. Progress reports and updates:
6.1. To consider a letter from Charlie Seward, Deputy Chief Executive of Cheshire West and Chester Council in response to the letter of complaint sent to Gerald Meehan, Chief Executive
6.2. To consider meeting with CITL/Vodafone to negotiate benefits to the village as a result of the mast to be located in the centre of the village
7. Cheshire West and Chester Councillors’ reports
7.1. To consider updates from CWAC Councillors
8. Appointments
(a) To make appointments to the following Working Groups: Neighbourhood Plan; Planning; Finance; Speed Management Working Group and consider whether any additional Working Groups are needed;
(b) To appoint representatives to the following organisations:-Comberbach Memorial Hall Management Committee; Recreation Committee; Fete Committee; Bowling Club; Police Liaison; School Liaison; Litterpick; Traffic Speed Management + villagers
(c) Councillor street allocation – to allocate roads to Councillors
9. Meeting dates
To agree and confirm meeting dates as follows: June – date to be agreed; 5th September; 17th October; 28 November; other dates to be agreed.
10. Planning
10.1. To note in appendix 3 any decisions by CW&C and consider or note decisions advised by the planning working group.
10.2. To consider any new Enforcement matters.
10.3. Neighbourhood Plan – to receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan.
11. Recreation Area
11.1 Recreation Update – to consider a verbal update from the Chairman
11.2 Recreation Area works – to approve spending of up to £400 for paint, sundry items and Algon for use in the play area.
12. Highways
12.1 Village Speed Watch Scheme – to receive an update on the Speed Watch scheme and consider the next steps
12.2 Road Sweeping – to consider making a request to CWAC that leaf debris be swept from gutters to prevent drains being blocked
12.3 Road surface – to consider making a request to CWAC to improve road surfaces in the village by repairing pot holes and addressing other issues with road surfaces.
13. Future projects and initiatives for consideration
13.1 Pedestrian crossing – to consider a proposal to install a pedestrian crossing from Moss Lane to the Recreation Area and Memorial Hall
13.2 Mini roundabouts – to consider a proposal to install two mini roundabouts at Top O’ Town and Budworth Lane (by the Spinner)
13.3. Village Gateways – to consider a proposal to install Village Gateway features on the entry to the village from Gibb Hill and Marbury Road
13.4 Telegraph poles – to consider contacting utility companies including BT and other companies regarding burying and removing telegraph poles along the main roads in the village
13.5. Telephone Kiosk – to consider contacting village organisations to seek ideas for the future use of the telephone kiosk
13.6 Other initiatives – to consider any initiatives raised at the Annual Parish Meeting
14. Accounts
14.1 To consider the internal auditors report (attached)
14.2 To approve the annual return and the summary statement for
the year ended 31 March 2017
14.3 To consider amended budget proposals following the Finance Working Group meeting held on 24 April 2017
14.4 To note the accounts for 30th April 2017
14.5 To approve the payments list
14.6 To consider the following payments 
(a) subscriptions for the Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer to join the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC); 
(b) subscription to Cheshire Playing Fields Association;
c) subscription to Mid Cheshire Footpath Society.
14.7 To approve the pre-authorised payment of £55.60 to HMRC
14.8 To receive an update on advertising in the village newsletter
15. Representative Reports – to consider reports from the following:
• Parishioner issues from the open forum or from contacting the clerk
• Newsletter Group
• Comberbach Memorial Hall Bowling Club
• Fete Committee
• School
16. Correspondence
(a) email from the local team at Active Cheshire
(b) email from Richard Thresh of Cheshire Community Action seeking an update and offering help with the Neighbourhood Plan
Appendix 1 Accounts for 30th April 2017
Current account £35,048.86 Reserve £22,388.37
Cash book £34,716.76 Reconciliation: 2 cheques
Appendix 2 Payments
As on schedule
Appendix 3 Planning Applications
Implement Shed, Ivy Lodge Farm - Approved
Side extension, 11 Barrymore - Pending
Single storey rear extension, 27 Broadacre - Pending

Contact details:
Clerk This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07759 212449
Chairman 0845 660 7960