Precept for 2014 to 2015


New and on-going project works that have funding provided for in the Precept include: -


The provision, repair and maintenance of village street furniture


Ongoing remedial works to the Memorial Hall car park


Fencing repairs to the perimeter of the recreation area




The provision of a second defibrillator


Funding has also been included in the Precept for the following items: -


Training for councillors and the Parish Clerk as required


Some of the cost associated with the Parish Council achieving Quality Status


Provision for repairs and replacement of items within the recreation area


Provision for additional quality storage space for village items


Some of the costs associated with the work of updating the Parish Plan


For the 5 items above, the funding provided in the Precept will not all be due for spending in the year 2014 to 2015, because there is within them an element of reserve funds for spending in other years.


Other items in the Precept that will be spent within the year: -


These items include the insurances that the Parish Council are required to maintain, the salary and other expenses of the Parish Clerk, external auditing, grounds maintenance, the photocopier, the village newsletter, ROSPA recreation area inspections and subscriptions.  A full list of all items can be obtained from the Parish Clerk.


In calculating the Precept, due allowance was made for income to be received from advertising revenue, photocopier use and grants available.


Consequent upon the above, at the meeting of the Parish Council on 6th January 2014, the Precept was calculated at £22,400 for 2014 to 2015 and this figure was agreed for submission to CWAC.

This figure represents the Precept plus the Council Tax Reduction Scheme Grant of £651).