5k Results 2017




1 Antony Dunn 19.19
2 Trevor Cording 20.31
3 Tom Banks 21.26
4 Dylan Solomon 22.35
5 John Ashford 23.09
6 Barry Chambers 24.15
7 Sarah Solomon 24.33
8 David Elliott 25.09
9 Seb Wills 25.29
10 Neil Fisher 26.14
11 Lewis Cameron 26.36
12 Edward Smith 27.07
13 Ian Cameron 27.15
14 Daniel Cameron 27.15
15 P Mascall 29.24
16 Al Elliott 30.13
17 Edward Millachip 31.18
18 Emma Williams 31.56
19 Joshua White 31.57
20 Amanda Hatton 32.14
21 George Wills 33.01
22 Jonathon Wills 33.02
23 Richard Deakin 33.29
24 Olivia Deakin 33.29
25 Chris Mayers 33.55
26 Daniel Moores 34.59
27 Sarah Jones 36.34
28 Janet Bennett 36.34
29 Henry Drake 36.47
30 Matt Drake 36.49
31 Daisy Kinsey 39.16
32 Samantha Matthews 39.28
33 Anne Whitehead Walked

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1k Results 2017




1 Elise Fawkes 3.59
2 Emma Brennan 4.21
3 Emma Barnes 4.31
4 Isabel Matzen 4.53
5 Beatrix Millachip 4.57
6 Carys Solomon 4.59
7 Kitty Wills 5.09
8 Evelyn Solomon 5.12
9 Jessica Powlson 5.15
10 Billy Toy 5.24
11 Abigail Fisher 5.41
12 Daisy Kinsey 5.43
13 Violet Bigmore 6.23
14 Holly Williams 6.29
15 Edward Meakin 6.56
16 Samuel Williams 7.33
17 Lucy Brennan 7.39
18 Esme Ashford 8.17
19 Ruby Bigmore 8.18
20 Brooke Harmon 9.08
21 Kady Johnson 9.08


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Dementia Uk Fun Run 2017

The 2017 Charity Fun Run was held on 21 May 2017 at Marbury Park. The charity chosen by Mae Ashford (Rose Queen Elect) is Dementia UK. Thank you to all who supported the event. Follow the links above to see the results of the 5k and 1k events. 
To find out more about Dementia UK click on the link above.

Comberbach Fete Committee

Scarecrow Festival 2017

Childhood Characters

We are pleased to announce that we will be repeating the Scarecrow Festival for 2017.

All you have to do is make a scarecrow and display it in a prominent position on your property.


Think of a character – the only limitation is your imagination. Grab a few things and let your idea grow. Your Scarecrow could be something in keeping with this year’s theme ‘Childhood Characters’ or anything you want it to be. This is an open competion for all Comberbach residents, clubs, churches and organisations.


·                 Scarecrows can be standing, sitting, hanging, any way you wish.

·                 Should be constructed from non valuable materials as their safety cannot be guaranteed.

·                 Should be secured to withstand the weather and ideally waterproof.

·                 Scarecrows must be securely erected and easily visible .


Judging will be undertaken by local residents.To obtain an official entry number, please complete an entry form (in the Village News or from the Post Office ) and hand it in at Comberbach Post Office with the £2 entry fee by 14 June. Entries received after this date may not be judged.

A Trail Map & Voting Form (50p) will be available at the Post Office from Friday 16 June. Categories for judging will include : Best Themed (Childhood Character), Most Lifelike and Most Humorous. Voting forms must be submitted by Thursday 22 June to be counted.

2016 Winners
Best Overall Best Themed Most Lifelike




Comberbach Village Fete

The 2017 Fete will be held on Saturday 24 June.

The Theme this year will be Childhood Characters. Keep in touch via our Facebook page.

Please come along and join us.

Use the Retinue link above to see the 2017 Retinue.

The Rose Queen Elect has chosen Dementia UK as her Charity and all proceeds from the Charity Fun Run/Walk on Sunday 21 May 2017 will be donated to them. Follow the link above.

We are also repeating the Scarecrow Festival this year in the lead up to the Fete.

Scarecrow Weekend will be 17/18 June so look out for entry details in the Village News. We are inviting local residents to participate in the judging this year.

Photos from 2016

Photos from 2016

We are always looking for help with the fete, if you want to get involved with a village tradition then a warm welcome awaits please contact Steve Howard (Chairman) 07943556169, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.